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Welcome to the demo page engine DataLife Engine. DataLife Engine is a multi-user news engine, has more features. engine is designed primarily for the creation of blogs and news sites with great information context . However, it has a large number of settings that you can use it for virtually any purpose . engine can be integrated into virtually any existing design, and has no restrictions on the creation of templates for him . Another key feature of DataLife Engine is a low load on system resources, even for very large audience site did not load the server will be minimal, and you will not experience any any problems with the mapping information. engine is optimized for search engines . About all the functional features you can read on our page.

talk script on all matters being here. Also there you will be able to obtain prompt assistance.
Dear webmaster, before you ask any questions about script supports, make sure that you carefully read the documentation comes with the scripton the script but if could not find the answer for it, then you can ask for supports. We reserve the right to ignore the questions sending to us regarding to Trial or Demo or Not-Paid versions, which includes technical supports. You can purchase one of two types of licenses for DataLife Engine of your choice:

- Basic license. The price of this license is: $59. When you purchase this license, you you will receive free new versions of the script which released within one year.

- Extended License. The price of this license is: $78. When you purchase this license, you get everything included in the basic license, as well as additional script technical support is included and permission to remove the script copyright on your website front page (visible to the general site visitors).

License Valid for 1 year, which you will receive all script future versions and update free, as well as free supports for those who had purchase an extended license. When the license is expired, you can extend it, or use the version of script athe the license expired free for life. If you want to renew the license to upgrade to the new version, the cost of renew the license is $39 and it is good for one year

To purchase script please visit http://dle-news.ru/price.html

Remember that the license is issued only for 1 domain and can not be used on other sites as well as prohibited to share your licenses file to third parties.

Best Regards,

SoftNews Media Group

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