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Tipard Blu-ray Converter 10.0.20 Multilingual
File size: 124.47 MB

Tipard Blu-ray Converter is cast as amazing blu-ray solution software to convert home-made Blu-ray movie at blazing fast speed. It can convert home-made Blu-ray movie in Blu-ray disc, folder as well as iso files (virtual blu-ray drive is needed). Capable of ripping home-made Blu-ray to mainstream video formats, this Blu-ray Ripper provides best solution to convert Blu-ray disc or Blu-ray m2ts files to MP4, MKV, WMV, MOV, AVI, FLV, DivX, etc or HD videos. Additional function to convert home-made Blu-ray to videos of this Blu-ray Ripper is its extract capability to take out audios from Blu-ray and save them into desired audio formats, like FLAC, WAV, WMA, MP3, AMR, AIFF, OGG and more.

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AnyMP4 Blu-ray Ripper 8.0.20 Multilingual
File size: 137 MB

AnyMP4 Blu-ray Ripper, the versatile and most popular Blu-ray Ripping software, has powerful ripping function to rip Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray to 2D and 3D video. Thus you can rip Blu-ray to MP4, MOV, M4V, MPEG, MKV, VOB, AVI, WMV, FLV, ASF, SWF, RMVB, and WebM, etc. and then put them on any portable device and even 3D player device for better enjoyment.

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Alfa eBooks Manager Pro / Web Multilingual
Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 32.22 MB

Alfa eBooks Manager - The most powerful and easy-to-use Book Organizer. Alfa is a PC software that allows to organize your electronic and paper books in a single e-Library. Alfa eBooks Manager is the top choice for book lovers, collectors, students, academicians and business libraries.

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apulSoft apQualizr 2.3.0
File size: 7.0 MB

apulSoft apQualizr2 is an audio plugin based on a multiband equalizer layered on top of a fre- quency analyzer with elements of a modular effects system. It features graphical editing of top quality low latency filters and modular modulation of various filter parameters. It can be used for all standard EQ applications and can produce many modulation and dynamics effects thanks to the dynamics and lfo modules included.

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Leapwing Audio RootOne 1.2 (x64)
File size: 4.8 MB

A unique multi-band subharmonics generator and shaper that gives punch to your low-end. Don't compromise on your low-end! RootOne is designed from the ground up as a new way to generate and shape subharmonic frequencies. We set out to create the cleanest low-end possible, phase-aligned with the original sound. RootOne lets you set 3 low frequency bands with variable crossover frequencies.

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Overloud Gem Voice 1.0.1
File size: 97 MB

VOICE: EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR ANY VOCAL MIXING PROJECT. VOICE is the new Gem plug-in designed for vocal processing.

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Red Giant VFX Suite 1.5.2 (x64)
File size: 717 MB

VFX Suite offers a powerful toolkit for realistic visual effects composites in After Effects. With Supercomp, light and atmospheric effects interact with all of your layers and the elements of a scene in a far more natural way than can be modeled with a simple stack of 2D layers. VFX Suite also includes tools for adding shadows and reflections that speed up some of the essential parts of creating a professional composite.

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Soundevice Digital Royal Compressor 1.10
File Size: 12.4 MB

It's been done many times before, but this one nails it. A fantastic emulation and the Inspired a model of the classic British device from the Beatles era used on hundreds of record since the sixties Royal Compressor delivers true vintage analog sound and feel. Pleasant saturation and sensitive compression is something every track really needs.

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Soundevice Digital Front DAW 1.6
File Size: 13.1 MB

The digital world with its clarity and accuracy lacks some vibe from the old times. This is why English producer and remixer Greg Brimson, also United Plugins powered artist, approached us with his idea for a dream plugin. 'Create a front door for every recording, and call it Front DAW, guys,' said he, 'so that every track would have a true analogue input.' Thanks to him you can turn your DAW Mixer into a real Analogue Console.

Author: xxx Today, 12:04

Soundevice Digital Autoformer 1.4
File Size: 12.7 MB

Some performances are almost perfect. Almost. The desired perfection can be achieved by using Autoformer. A tool that can act almost inaudibly as well as it can add great colour to your tracks. Autoformer combines an analogue like pre-amp with automatic volume function and a gentle compressor. It is the right tool for your vocals or voice-overs. Improves drummers or bass-players performances.

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